Abraham Linc Rigidlock Plus II – Rowlesburg (5062)


Abraham Linc Rigidlock Plus II – Rowlesburg (5062)

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• Embossed in Register finish means real-to-touch design for maximum realism
• Ultra-Matte finish for low luster beauty shows less scratching, scuffing, and staining
• Color Cut Bevels replicate a real wood floor, eliminates sheet vinyl look
• Extreme bevel protection to avoid trapping dirt and debris. Maximum ease to clean.
• Attached IXPE backing for a quiet, comfortable floor
• Enhances sound performance for a class-leading 62 STC and 60 IIC rating
• Independently tested, free of harmful orthophthalates, and safe for families
• TripleLock has 3 points of contact for extreme protection from disengagement

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